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Mercedes Benz Dealer Associates Suggest You Keep These Emergency Items in Your Car as You Drive in West Mifflin, PA

You could spend years driving your car on city streets and freeways without ever getting into an accident. Of course, every time you get behind the wheel, you hope to make it to your destination safely and without any issues. But no matter how well you drive or how nice your vehicle is, you can’t always prevent every problem from occurring. This is why top Mercedes Benz dealer mechanics and team members will tell you to prepare yourself as you drive in and around West Mifflin, PA. If you have some emergency essentials in your car, you will have more peace of mind. 

Jumper Cables

You shouldn’t ever go to any place in West Mifflin, PA, or anywhere else without these handy items in your trunk. Battery problems are a common cause for stalling on the road or finding yourself unable to start the engine. Jumper cables can quickly get you back on the street. You may also come to someone else’s rescue. The nice thing is that these aren’t difficult to operate. However, you should make sure you understand to use them correctly.


If a broken car strands you at night, you face more challenges than if the sun were still out. This is why any Mercedes Benz dealer associate will advise you to keep a flashlight or two in your glove box or console. You may need the extra light to change a tire, inspect the engine, or even walk from your car to find help. Don’t forget to keep extra batteries in your vehicle as well. 

Water and Snacks

In case of a mishap, you hope to be out of commission for a short time only. It’s not out of the question, however, for West Mifflin, PA, drivers to wait for help for several hours. In the meantime, you need to stave off dehydration, and you need to keep your energy levels up. A case of water and some high-protein snacks will go a long way. 

First-Aid Kit

If an accident leaves you with minor injuries, you’ll need a first-aid kit to provide relief. A Mercedes Benz dealer will advise you to assemble a kit and include bandages and gauze pads of all sizes, along with ointment, antiseptic wipes, and scissors. 

From the moment you purchase your vehicle from a Mercedes Benz dealer, put these items in your car so you can prepare yourself for these emergency situations as you drive in West Mifflin, PA. The team at Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown can help. 
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