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Thinking About a Mercedes Benz GLS Lease? Experienced Wheeling, WV Customers Ask These Questions First

You know and recognize the Mercedes brand as one of the most iconic in the automobile industry. But how much do you know about the GLS? This luxury SUV has few peers when it comes to comfort, performance, and technological features. These factors, and many others, are why Wheeling, WV drivers want to get their hands on a Mercedes Benz GLS lease. If this option intrigues you as well, it’s important to first do some research and ask yourself and the dealer some vital questions.

What Are the Mileage Limits?

Some customers in Wheeling, WV prefer to finance their new Mercedes models instead of leasing them. One of the potential drawbacks to leasing is that the dealer will restrict how many miles you can drive the vehicle in a year. Talk to the sales staff and finance team about these limits and how much you can put on the vehicle without penalty. Also, ask whether you can purchase more miles. In many cases, the limit is 12,000 miles per year, but some dealers will increase it to 15,000 or 18,000.

Will the Dealer Help With Service Costs?

It’s crucial to take good care of your SUV and stay on top of regular services and maintenance, especially with a Mercedes Benz GLS lease. The dealer can impose fees at the end of the lease if you didn’t properly care for the vehicle. The dealer may have some special offers on oil changes and other lube services. You could end up spending a lot less at the dealership because of these offers than you would at another service center or mechanic’s shop.

What Are the End-of-Lease Options?

An advantage to leasing over buying is that you usually have some more options once the lease expires. Understand clearly what your choices are. Don’t leave the dealership and drive home to Wheeling, WV in your new GLS until you know what these are. Ordinarily, you’ll have four possibilities as the three-year lease comes to an end. You may simply return the vehicle and walk away. If you didn’t exceed the mileage range, you won’t pay a fee. Also, you can trade in the vehicle for another lease, or you can even purchase the same vehicle. Fourthly, the dealer may allow you to sell the SUV to a private seller.

When you need to drive a new vehicle in Wheeling, WV, keep these questions in mind as you shop for Mercedes Benz GLS lease. The knowledgeable staff at Mercedes Benz of Morgantown will help you out. 
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