Mercedes Benz S-Class Fairmont, WV

Top Features Mercedes Benz S-Class Drivers in Fairmont, WV Are Talking About

It’s not difficult to rave about a Mercedes Benz vehicle. Not only do these fantastic automobiles turn heads with their performance and sleek design, but they have a host of appealing features. In the sedan class, Mercedes Benz S-Class models are a top choice of Fairmont, WV customers. It’s impossible to list all the qualities this vehicle brings to the road, but even a quick glance should convince you to take a serious look at buying one.


Mercedes has few competitors that can match the power and durability of its engines. The Mercedes Benz S-Class is no exception. Take the AMG S 54 convertible model, for instance. This two-door marvel has phenomenal acceleration and strength because of its 6.0-liter, 36-valve, V12, SOHC engine. Get this: It delivers 738 foot-pounds of torque and 621 horsepower. This turbo engine will get your car anywhere you need to go.


It’s a breeze getting up to highway speed in the S-Class, but these capabilities shouldn’t replace your responsibility to drive safely in Fairmont, WV, and everywhere else you travel. Fortunately, it comes with a host of excellent safety features to both help prevent accidents and to protect you in case of one. It has dual front and dual rear side-mounted airbags and front head airbags to help minimize injuries. You’ll like the pre-collision safety system as well, not to mention the four-wheel antilock brakes and tire pressure monitoring. The S-Class has an LED headlamp and dusk-sensing headlamps to help cut through the darkness at nightfall.

Comforts and Conveniences

With technology and design advancements, the interior just keeps getting better with the Mercedes Benz S-Class. Check out the climate control feature, which will put a smile on everyone’s face in the car. This model also has a leather steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, and keyless ignition. It even has the handy driver-assisted parking feature to make your job much easier. You’ll also find the transmission and audio controls right on the heated steering wheel.

Tires and Wheels

As you drive in Fairmont, WV, and other areas, you’ll put a lot of strain on the tires and wheel of your S-Class. A new model is up to the task. It will come with 20-inch-by-9.5-inch alloy wheels and performance tires.

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