Unlike most vehicles on the market today, a Mercedes-Benz need not be sold. The impeccable quality and legendary legacy of the timeless Mercedes-Benz brand have withstood the test of time, and with this demand for perfection comes a great supply of supposed luxury vehicles that imitate but cannot match the Mercedes-Benz value proposition.

That said, this increase for demand has led to buyers settling for non-certified Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In other words, these are not vehicles that have been certified by Mercedes-Benz itself. Just like you get a certificate of authenticity when you buy a luxury watch or handbag, meaning the brand itself has authenticated and inspected the product, you deserve to get a certificate of authenticity when you buy a brand-new Mercedes-Benz.


With this concept in mind, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with hundreds of dealerships across the United States to ensure new Mercedes-Benz owners can drive with the confidence that they have purchased a certified Mercedes-Benz vehicle.


But beyond peace of mind, there are a number of other incredible benefits when buying a certified Mercedes-Benz.

24/7 Personalized Assistance and Support

Have an issue with your Mercedes-Benz? Rain, sleet, or sunshine, Sunday evening or Friday morning, get connected with a professional and experienced Mercedes-Benz customer service associate to dispatch tow trucks, emergency fuel-ups, and other kinds of assistance whenever you need them by dialing 1-800-367-6372.

Join a Nationwide Network of Certified Mercedes-Benz Dealers

When you become a certified Mercedes-Benz owner, you join a highly selective community of over 300 dealerships. No matter where you find yourself, trust that certified Mercedes-Benz dealerships will assist you with whatever your Mercedes-Benz might need, whether it be customer support or service.

Meal, Lodging, and Substitute Transportation Coverage

Heading on vacation and your Benz blows a tire? If you own a certified Mercedes-Benz, you need not fret about missed lodging reservations or unexpected expenses. Mercedes-Benz’s legendary trip interruption coverage has you covered. In the event that your trip is disrupted by unforeseen circumstances, Mercedes-Benz will cover the difference in fees incurred. Should you need a loaner vehicle or rental car, Mercedes-Benz will cover those expenses as well.

7-Day Vehicle Exchange Guarantee

If you’re dissatisfied with your new Mercedes-Benz, haven’t driven more than 500 miles, and haven’t exceeded 7 days after your purchase, you can exchange your Mercedes-benz with no questions asked for another vehicle of equal or lesser value. If you’d like a vehicle of greater value, no problem, simply pay the difference after deductions. 

Become a Certified Mercedes-Benz Owner

Ready to become a certified Mercedes-Benz owner? At Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown we’re one of over 300+ certified Mercedes-benz dealerships in the country. Ask us about our certified Mercedes-Benz vehicles today and ask about how you can become a certified owner! 

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