Without question, America’s infatuation with the SUV has become something of a modern mystery. Along with the pickup truck, nothing evokes a better sense of Americana than a rumbling four-legged hulk of metal and Teflon rolling down the roadway, but in the years past, the SUV was seen as something of an eyesore-inducing mammoth.

Beautiful in practice, but in theory, the idea of such a hulking monstrosity was anything but luxury… but then something happened.


Mercedes-Benz entered the marketplace and perfected the sports utility vehicle into a class of its own: the luxury sports utility vehicle. Instead of making the biggest and baddest SUV, Mercedes-Benz opted to build a vehicle that was more beautiful and more powerful than anything else on the road. And aside from brains alone, Mercedes-Benz wanted to go the extra mile and ensure the vehicle had brains, too.


Enter the Mercedes-Benz GLC, the world’s finest luxury sports utility vehicle.

Exploring the MB GLC

From the outside looking in, the GLC resembles a super-advanced shuttle, a spacious spaceship-age road-farer with sporty stylings, sophisticated sleekness, and stunning bravado. On the inside looking out, it’s a feast for the eyes. Its cabin is draped in smooth, rich lines. The cockpit is comfortable, cozy, and frankly, just plain cool.


Beyond its wallop-packing 2.0L 4 cylinder and 4.0L 8 cylinder package types, the GLC pairs pulse-pounding performance with next-generation technology, making it as close to the perfect ride as there is on the marketplace. In a land of many pretenders, there are no other GLCs other than the GLC itself.


What makes the GLC so special beyond its standard assortment of gadgets is its ability to put in work off the road, too. For the urban explorer, the GLC is a perfect choice. It nimbly navigates the tightest of corners, and it can ascend the most arduous hilltops much like its similarly styled yet underperforming competitors.


Rest assured: there is no full-size SUV that can even come close to matching the GLC’s performance on the roadway, and while competitors will try to look as sexy as the GLC, few will be able to match what it actually delivers.

Where to Find a Mercedes-Benz GLC

Locating your match made in automotive heaven doesn’t require a journey of a thousand steps. Try a few clicks on a website or a phone call. At Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown, we are proud to offer a fleet of new and certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz GLCs, all of which are waiting for the perfect suitor.


Ready to drive off in your dream SUV? Come visit Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown today and come see why the Mercedes-Benz GLC has made a name for itself as the queen of the luxury SUV category!