Out of all the vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, few are as unique as the Mercedes-Benz A 220. It’s an incredibly unique vehicle in the MB lineup, and while most folks may have only heard of the bigger names, Mercedes-Benz has gone a long way in revitalizing their lineup so it offers more than ultra-expensive luxury offerings.

Nowadays, the common person can comfortably engage with the brand and ride off in something special, and if there is a vehicle that epitomizes this shift from ultra-opulence to everyday-driver, the A-class is a prime option for exploration.

Discovering the A-Class Mercedes-Benz

As time moves forward, vehicles seem to be getting smaller. Case in point: the A-class Mercedes-Benz. When you historically think of the Mercedes-Benz brand, it’s a brand that’s known for its size, power, and performance. You know that no matter the model you decide to own, you’re going to get more than a century’s worth of excellence and high-quality performance when you own a Mercedes-Benz.


In recent years, however, MB has diverged from this age-old blueprint, and instead, is moving towards something different. The emergence of the A-class in the lineup is a sign that the brand is looking to branch out to more middle-class customers, customers who don’t need a six-figure price tag to be enticed by the MB brand.


Simply put: they want access to luxury without going bankrupt. Enter the A-Class. Modeled after competing for mid-range economy brands, the A-class aims to deliver the Mercedes-Benz identity you know and love sans the unnecessary accouterments that a higher-end model would fittingly have.

The A-Class Uncovered

Under the hood, the A-class boasts a spunky 3.0L 6 cylinder or 4.0L 8 cylinder engine, depending on the model you opt for. Turbo comes standard in both engines, and it gets a standard 24 mpg city and 35 mpg highway, which is very equitable for the MB lineup.


The A-class, aside from its compact size and powerful engine, also has a lot of brains to go with its beauty. There is a tremendous tech interface that includes parking assist, voice recognition, driver-assisted lane changing, and when you sit behind the cockpit, you feel as if you’re playing the part of a spacefaring starship driver.


Seriously, the A-Class’s cockpit is a must-experience for any driver, newcomer, or not to the Mercedes-Benz brand.


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