Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for being the epitome of luxury. But what many people don’t know is that these cars are also some of the safest in the world. No matter what Mercedes-Benz model you choose, it will surely come with reliable safety features that inspire confidence if you’re driving in a city such as Morgantown. The German carmaker has always constructed their vehicles to lessen the chances of accidents from happening. 


Below are some of the notable safety features of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. 


Pre-Safe Technology

Mercedes-Benz has a signature Pre-Safe technology that helps warn drivers if an accident is about to happen. The feature helps prepare the car for collision by closing the windows and sunroof, tightening seat belts, and adjusting front head restraints. 


Many car accidents happen because drivers get distracted on the road. As a response to the problem of distracted driving, Mercedes-Benz came up with the Pre-Safe Brake and Distronic Plus technology. Equipped with these safety features, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle will sense if an accident is about to happen and will automatically initiate 40% braking power. It also sounds an alarm to alert the driver. If the driver fails to respond to the warning, the vehicle will automatically apply 100% braking power to stop the car and reduce the impact of a possible collision. 


Accident Investigation

Mercedes-Benz has an accident investigation program. It helps them determine the common causes of accidents and develop technology to address these causes. If there’s an accident in Morgantown, for example, the company will gather data such as collision angles and impact speed to improve the safety features of its cars. 


Night View Assist Plus

When driving through a city such as Morgantown at night, it’s hard to see obstacles on the road. But if you’re driving a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, driving in the dark is not an issue, thanks to the Night View Assist Plus feature. The feature uses a special camera and invisible infrared beams to provide drivers with a real-time view of a dark road. The feature can help drivers avoid pedestrians and animals passing by. 


Mercedes-Benz vehicles also come with active full-LED headlamps designed to illuminate even the darkest of roads. The headlamps have a total of 72 diodes that can reconfigure themselves to form patterns that best suit traffic conditions, the vehicle’s speed, and the driver’s steering habits. 


Adaptive High Beam Assist

The adaptive high beam assist feature uses a camera that scans the road for lights being emitted by other vehicles. It will then adjust its illumination based on data it receives to avoid creating unwanted glare to oncoming cars. This feature protects people inside the Mercedes-Benz vehicle and other cars.


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