Do you dream of owning a luxury car but don’t have the money to buy a brand new model? If you think you cannot make your dream come true, then you probably haven’t heard of retired loaner vehicles. Loaner vehicles or loaners are vehicles that dealerships like Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown lend to their customers while their cars are being serviced. When they get replaced by newer models, loaners are retired and are offered at a discounted price. There are currently two loaner Mercedes-Benz C Class sedans for sale at Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown. Below are some of the advantages of buying a retired loaner luxury vehicle.  


Save Money 

If lack of money is your biggest obstacle to owning your dream car, a retired loaner is the answer to your prayers. Even if you have enough money to buy the vehicle you want, you may opt to get a loaner to save money. Dealers who sell loaners give you a chance to own a luxury vehicle at a lower price than a brand new one. The loaner 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class from Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown, for example, costs $45,700. This price is below Kelley Blue Book’s Fair Purchase Price. The original price of the vehicle is $46,600. 


Cars Are in Good Condition

Yes, retired loaners are used vehicles. But it doesn’t mean that they’re abused. They are generally in good condition, especially from dealerships that also service vehicles. The loaners at Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown are in excellent condition because we maintain them regularly. We loan vehicles to our valued clients, so we make sure they are always in excellent running condition. If you choose a retired loaner, you get a vehicle with less wear and tear than pre-owned cars. 


Top of the Line Vehicles

The retired loaner vehicles at Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown are not only in good condition. These are also relatively new models with modern features. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class we’re offering comes with automatic temperature control, an emergency communication system, and wireless phone connectivity. It’s an all-wheel-drive sedan powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a nine-speed automatic transmission. It only has 5,274 miles, which is below the market average. It comes in a sleek black color, and there are no signs that this car is used. 


The other C-Class in our inventory has a gray exterior and only 4,257 on its odometer, which is way below the market average. Its original price is $48,320, but it’s currently for sale for only $46,820. Both of these cars are Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned vehicles.


If you want to check out any of the retired loaners at Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown, you don’t even have to go to our facility. We can bring the car to you for a no-obligation test-drive. Our driver will wear a mask and re-sanitize the vehicle before handing you the key. So contact Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown in Morgantown, WV, to know more about our retired loaner vehicles.

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