It used to be that the steering wheel was used only to control a vehicle. Now the steering wheel serves as a command console that allows drivers to access the infotainment system, set the vehicle in cruise control, and control other aspects of the car. Some companies like Mercedes-Benz are even using the term multi-function steering wheels. 


Intuitive Steering Wheels

New Mercedes-Benz vehicles feature some of the most intuitive multi-function steering wheels. Though steering wheel controls are slightly different in each model, the technology and functionality of the buttons are the same. These steering wheels can automatically recognize where your fingers are to help you comfortably access a wide range of features and driver aids. 


Placing the most commonly used controls on the steering wheels of a Mercedes-Benz makes sense. It improves driving safety because everything is literally at the driver's fingertips. You can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel with steering wheel controls. 


How It Works


Left Side

The left side of a Mercedes-Benz steering wheel controls the instrument cluster or cockpit display features. The center touch control lets you use swiping and scrolling gestures. You can then press the button to select the different driving features of the instrument cluster display. The back button on the left lets you jump back to the previous menu, while the home button will take you to the main functions. 


The buttons below let you access the cruise control and the active distance assist Distronic feature. You need to press the button on the right to turn cruise control on or off. You can then use the center touch control to set your desired speed. Moreover, you can change the speed incrementally by clicking the button or making larger changes by sliding your finger up or down. Press the cancel button on the left to disengage the system, and then press the resume button on the right to re-engage it to your last inputted speed setting. The right button controls the distance assist Distronic feature that lets you set the distance when cruising. The speed can be adjusted by clicking through the different distances. 


Right Side

The right side of the steering wheel contains the controls for the in-car media features. You'll see a similar layout with back and home buttons and the center button that lets you click and swipe through various menus on the center display. The back button takes you to the previous menu, and the home button will return you to the main menu. 


Below, the phone button allows you to place calls, and the end button lets you end calls. In the center, a volume control button allows you to swipe and slide to control volume levels. Press the mute button to mute your mic, and then press it again to unmute. To activate voice control, click the voice control button and say your command. There is also a favorites button that can pull up previously saved favorite settings.


Try the Steering Wheel Controls

Call or visit Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown in Morgantown, WV, to know more about the steering wheel controls of Mercedes-Benz models. You can even try using the intuitive steering wheel by test driving any available vehicles in our inventory.